Friday, August 18, 2006

A Video is worth a million words

This first video is from the NASA collection. Many astronauts have come forward saying that we are not alone. This video selection is from the Secret NASA Transmissions.

1) Shorter Secret NASA Transmissions with MIR footage

2) More NASA UFO's

This next video is of a UFO crash

3) Crash

UFO in clouds over Guatemala. In spanish UFO's are called OVNI.

4) Guatemala

I'm sure we've all heard of the UFO's seen over Phoenix a few years ago,

5) UFO's over phoenix a few years ago

These next videos are more recent UFO's over phoenix, Az.

6) Jan 2006 Phoenix UFO's

7) July 2006 Phoenix UFO

The Soviet KGB Blue Files contain some of the best UFO evidence known to exists. The Russian refer to UFO's as NLO's. During the height of the USSR, people didnt talk about this. However, when the empire collapsed this evidence bagen leaking out. The following videos are formerly top secret Soviet encounters.

8) Cylinder Chased by Soviet MIGs Accelerates

9) UFO's merge over Russia

Every country around the planet has experienced this strange phenomena.

10) Bulgarian UFO


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