Saturday, August 19, 2006

NASA's secret UFO's - - The Smoking GUN!!

Nasa footage contains a number of unexplainable UFO's. It is really crazy. They often times mislabel footage so that the public will not watch it. This footage has been seen around the world by hardworking researchers that wont stop until they have the truth. UFO - OVNI - NLO its all here:

Top Secret UFO Transmissions -- When NASA found out this guy was recording this, they started scrambling the signal using an advanced hashing algorithm.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched this once last night. What is the guy's name? I did catch that he was not a NASA scientist, but an audio/visual specialist that happened to stumble upon this.

I have a couple questions for this guy:

Have you tried filming using high-speed cameras?

Are these the same thing as the alleged "rods" that some guy filmed on Earth years ago using a high-speed camera.

Do these third phenomena occur on the Earth's surface?

7:33 PM  

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