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Foo Fighters during WWII

WW2 foo fighter

Many pilots reported UFO phenomena during WW2. The UFO were observed over both Europe and Asia, what appeared to be glowing orbs or strange craft that would follow them, sometimes kissing up against the plane. Flying formations would also form into clubs. Known as Foo fighters or sometimes 'gremlins', these craft seemed to dramatically defy our technology.

WWII foo fighter

Many researchers credit these strange objects to Germany's secret programs in the Luftwaffe. German science was vastly beyond our own. They are credited with Rockets, Jet engines, Nuclear sciences, Radar improvements, computers and cryptology, electronics, optics, and various other things that dramatically revolutionized our world. Did they also research UFO, nuclear weapons, Zero Point Energy, Anti-gravity and a whole host of other things?

world war two unidentified flying object

Operation Paperclip is the name for the US attempt to recover German science and technology after ww2. It is likely, however, that the soviets actually recovered much more than we did. Some credit Roswell UFO crash to known experimentations with recovered german technology about 100 miles away at US military base.

The german program is supposed to have its roots in earlier experimentation by Tesla, T.T. Brown, and even the Nazi party's belief in Atlantis.

These odd craft were sometimes seen in formation, sometimes individually, and in all sorts of varying sizes. Germany is known to have experimented with various flying saucer like craft.

Nicola Tesla has often been blamed as being responsible for the 1908 Tunguska Explosion. Tesla developed AC current, the radio, and many other amazing things. He was working on a giant Tesla Coil tower that he thought would provide the world with free energy. During an experiment during 1908, while he was trying to send a signal to a north pole expedition, there was a tremendous explosion in Siberia that has never really been effectively explained. His experiment in ultra high frequency Alternating Current was using about 20000+ Hz. AC has many advantages over DC. DC has to send a large number of electrons all the way around a circuit against great resistance. AC just vibrates the same electrons back and forth. This allows operations at near 99.9% efficiency!!!

Trees were all laid flat for hundreds of square miles around the site. The sky glowed bright enough that people in europe could read at night. Shockwaves were felt around the world. Wild weather patterns were blamed on the event. Tesla blamed himself for it and immediately destroyed that line of research. His personal experiment also burned down his lab! Apparently he inadvertently extracted Zero Point Energy from the Vacuum flux, and it cause his device to power itself. Since he was vibrating the current back and forth, it picked up a residual "elastic vibration" inside the circuit that the ZPE field was able to maintain. If ZPE is applied to a circuit in phase with the AC vibration, it will continue to get more and more powerful. If the ZPE is applied out of phase, it will slow it down.

However, the FBI raided his office after he supposedly died. The US government currently has project HAARP. This is supposedly just an experiment in radio waves. HAARP is known to have the capabilities to; Manipulate the Ionosphere, Create High Altitude Plasmatic mirrors, bounce energy (xray, radar, 3D maps??!!) around the planet, alter weather patterns, and maybe even produce "death ray" type weapons.

T.T. Brown is credited with leading the way into researching Electrogravitics. This amazing technology works in numerous ways; in using and/or manipulating earth's magnetic field to create levitation and propulsion, using "ionic winds", plasma heating air to reduce drag, and maybe even RADAR stealth or actual invisibility to the naked eye!!! Possibly this is due to the intense heat changing the index of refraction for the air so that there is a silvery, reflective cloud that blurs into the sky. Each B-2 stealth bomber cost about $1 Billion USD!! There are a number of photos floating around the net that may show corona mass discharge, or possibly some sort of plasmatic mirroring.

There is a lot of very educated and informed speculation that the US B2 bomber makes use of electrogravitics. By highly charging the leading edge of the wing, and highly ionizing the exhaust, the plane creates the necessary field to benefit from electro gravity. These planes often fly in formation so that they can share the same field. This produces more synergistic effects for speed and possibly stealth.

Nasa's Shuttle STS-75 experimented with Electromagnetic induction in the earths Ionosphere. By "swinging" a satellite at the end of a 12 mi long tether in orbit, they were able to induce incredible voltage. What they didnt publicize is that they also tried running large currents against the resistance in the tether to create an electrogravitic effect. This effect would create tension in the tether and gently pull the shuttle into higher orbit. There was apparently so much tension that the tether broke, and went flying off into space. There is NASA video from the shuttle that seems to show this tether got TREMENDOUS UFO ACTIVITY.

Many rumors have circulated since ww2 that there may be a alternate space program. One entirely secret to both US and Russia's public programs. NASA has a number of UFO videos shot from the space shuttle.

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