Friday, October 13, 2006

The Disclosure Project

The Disclosure Project is an organization with the goals to reveal startling new information regarding the UFO phenomena. Dr. Steven Greer founded the organization with the help of various insiders including; military, government, cia, nsa, dia, intelligence agencies, and even private corporations. Of course, a number of defense contractors have gotten involved.

secret technology and suppressed inventions

They are in possesion of about 500 hours worth of first hand witness testimony. They delve into some deeply suppressed information such as free energy, secret US moon bases, Space Weapons, Alternate Space Program, and incredibly advanced inventions and scientific knowledge, as well as an array of other subjects. This ain't no dinner party.

This Video is absolutely MUST SEE! - Disclosure Project

This video is the smoking gun of the UFO phenomenon and the ensuing government cover-up. First hand witnesses and direct Government insiders spill their guts about secret ufo technology, this is the gold; photos, pictures, and videos as well as tons of informative stuff. NASA officials tell their tales of airbrushing structures out of photos and video feeds before it goes to the public. They take stock in mad dollars. Former military officers discuss their roles in cover-ups and kissing up to the media about recovered alien technology, defense contractors predicated upon the economy tell the tale of reverse engineered technologies. Secret NASA Shuttle videos also show the smoking gun of the NASA cover-up!

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