Sunday, September 17, 2006

Free Energy has been here for a while...

Great introduction to some very intriguing cosmological phenomena that may solve our energy problems. Very deep.

The Race to Zero Point

It Runs on Water -- Real applications of misunderstood phenomena

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Battle Of Los Angeles during WW2

This is an awesome UFO photograph. It was taken during the so called "Battle of Los Angeles" during WWII. Military reports witnesses saying there were numerous enemy craft over LA. Nobody could figure out what they were. They did not fly like conventional aircraft. This example singles in on another example of a cover-up.

No enemy craft were reported being downed during this battle, even though thousands of rounds were fired into the air. There were lots of men and women all over the city that saw this.

If you look at this photograph closely, you can see that all of the spotlights and air defense rounds seem to be focused on one area. You can see an explosion on a solid target that almost looks like it has a force-field shielding. This craft was over private property, very valuable real estate.

The military claims it was a false alarm.

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